Our Club meets on the Second and Fourth Mondays of each month, except for December when there is no Fourth Monday meeting.
Second Monday is a Management Committee Meeting.
Fourth Monday is a Social - Technical Meeting.
The Club meets at 7.00 pm local time at the Drayton Bowls Club, 44 Gipps Street, Drayton.
Everyone [especially visitors] are welcome to all meetings.

Club Repeaters
VK4RDD repeater site:
VHF repeater on 146.750 MHz (Negative offset).
UHF repeater on 439.275 MHz (Negative offset, Tone 91.5Hz).
IRLP Node 6958, Echolink Node 69580.

Club Activities & Events
The Darling Downs Radio Club has two regular Nets as follows:
Each Sunday morning at 10:00 am, there is a 2m net using the Club's call sign, VK4WID, held on the Club's repeater, VK4RDD, on a frequency of 146.750 MHz (Negative offset).
Each Saturday evening at 7:30 pm, there is an 80m net on 3.650 MHz (+ or - QRM) under the Club call sign, VK4WID, usually hosted by Theo, VK4ESK.
All are welcome to join in, especially new licencees. Amateurs from as far apart as Ingham in the North, to Evans Head in the South, participate in the Nets.

Training Courses And Assessment Information
The Club's WIA Assessor is John Kirk VK4TJ
All interested are warmly invited.
John's contact details as follows:
Mob 0409 744 132
Email: assessor(at)

Upcoming Courses and Assessments
Generally, on request, formal "classroom" style training is available if we can muster 3 or more candidates. Otherwise, we work with candidates one-on-one.

Training And Assessment Contact
John Kirk vk4tj (4-035)
Phone: 0409 744 132
Email: assessor(at)